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3D Renders, Interactive Application
and Virtual Reality for events

The Power of 3D: Live out the magic of your event and plunge into every stage

Drive the success of your event with 3D Audiovisual Solutions

We’re all familiar with the challenges you constantly face as an event organizer or Technical Director when it comes to the challenge of envisioning what the final event will look like.

It is vital to take informed decisions on technical AV production and the scenographic design. At Novelty Spain, we help you overcome those challenges through our innovative 3D services for events.

Our 3D Renders, the Interactive Application and also Virtual Reality for events will immerse you in the experience, before the doors even open.

From the briefing to the AV technical drawing and 3D renders

  • Floor plan & CAD drawing

  • 3D Rendering

  • Event real image

Turn your vision into an amazing visual experience!

Our 3D Renders provide you with a detailed and realistic visual portrayal of how your event will actually look. Using 3D drawings for events, you will preview the final result, enabling you to take informed decisions on how to adjust the scenographic and set-up proposal, optimize resources and cut costs.

Whether you have an idea or detailed briefing, we will work with you to transform every element into an astonishing visual experience in line with your needs and the technical viability of the project.

This solution is ideal if you are looking for…
  • Realistic display that enables you to see how your vision will materialize
  • Rapid adjustment and modification capacity to guarantee the event’s perfection
  • Optimization of resources and lower costs of your investment
  • Effective communication to facilitate comprehension and decision-making

Interactive application: Explore your event with no limits

The magic of planning and virtual display

Our Interactive Application empowers you to explore and personalize different technical configurations and space distribution options for each aspect of your event, no matter your site.

Using virtual environments, we recreate spaces realistically, offering you a complete visual experience.

With this application we can adjust technical parameters, and try different lighting, sound, video and scenographic configurations.

It will help you to take informed decisions with your team based on a complete understanding of how the event will look and feel.

This solution is ideal if you are looking for…
  • Customization and experimentation in planning to reflect your unique vision
  • Interactive display for a virtual experience before the event
  • Tests and feedback in real time for adjustments and improvements
  • Effective cooperation to achieve a perfect, unforgettable event

Can you imagine discovering and exploring the top venues of Spain, no matter where you are?

3D Renders vs. Interactive Application

3D RendersInteractive Application
Offers a realistic view of the event

Enables interactive exploration of the venues

Enables rapid adjustments and modifications

Facilitates experimentation with different vantage

Helps optimize resources and cut costs by anticipating certain details prior to production

Expedites informed decision-taking on the best venues

Capacitates effective communication by portraying a clear visual depiction of the event

Allows effective collaboration among the team to perfect visual details

Virtual reality: the future of AV Technical Production

Revolutionize the Organization of your Event

Plunge into an immersive experience with virtual reality for events. A VR experience for events takes you straight into the heart of the production, letting you see every detail of the technical audiovisual production.

Take a virtual walk around the venue space, interact with scenographic elements, experience the lighting, sound and video design and experience the emotion of every moment.

With this revolutionary AV technology, your event comes to life and takes on a unique dimension.

This solution is ideal if you are looking for…
  • Total immersion to live out the event in detail, and in first person
  • Modification of the elements of the event, according to your preference, during the exploration phase
  • Efficient cooperation, enabling your entire team to live the experience

Do you know the "Novelty Style"?


Innovation and excellence in production: The Novelty Spain trademark

We create extraordinary events because of the people behind our productions.

Our reputation and success are defined by the way we work. A sense of consistency, listening, passion, planning to detail pervades as we carry out clean and thoroughness, which is reflected in every detail, from the commitment to exceeding expectations to the delicate care with which we look after our audiovisual equipment and the event space.

Some even call it “Novelty Style” and we’d like to believe that it’s one of the main reasons why some of the world’s leading companies choose to work with us. And we’re sure that, if you still haven’t experienced it, you’ll like it too.

Unique audiovisual experiences
for unforgettable events

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