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Who we are

Experts in cutting-edge AV production
to connect audiences and create unforgettable experiences in events

Your Go-to Partner in AV Services for Audiovisual Events in Spain

Novelty Spain specializes in audiovisual production for events in Spain and Portugal. We firmly believe that the key to a successful event is in the perfect combination between technology, creativity and passion.

Since our establishment, we’ve stood out for our ability to connect people and companies through audiovisual technology, turning ideas into unforgettable experiences.

We are proud to be more than an audiovisual technical production company; we help create significant relationships that last over time.

From innovation to excellence in audiovisual production

Novelty Spain was founded in 2004 under the name “Eclipse” by Marina Calabuig and Riad El Abed with the vision of offering international-standard audiovisual services at the local level.

We stand out in the AV sector thanks to our capacity to design innovative and exciting audiovisual projects that help companies connect with their audience.


  • 2004

    Marina and Riad El Abed found Eclipse, the forerunner of our company, providing design and technical production services for corporate and musical events.

  • 2005

    We merge with the DUSHOW Group, broadening our capacities and offering comprehensive AV service to our customers.

  • 2012

    We opened our video department and added the name DUSHOW Barcelona following the merger with other companies from the DUSHOW Group.

  • 2018

    The NOVELTY Group becomes the majority shareholder in the DUSHOW Group, further consolidating our position in the EMEA market.

  • 2021

    We open offices in Madrid, and change our name to DUSHOW Spain, reaffirming our commitment to the growth and support of our customers in European cities that are key players in corporate events.

  • 2023

    We purchase a 7,000 m² industrial building, which marks the beginning of a new period in which we are able to offer even more services to our customers and provide an optimal working environment to our team, driving our dynamics and innovation.

    At the same time, the Novelty Group acquires the Portuguese company CHS and becomes “Novelty Portugal”, while Dushow Spain is renamed “Novelty Spain,” marking a new stage in the Novelty-Magnum-Dushow group.

    This transition marks a new phase in the Group and unifies the international brand to provide a more cohesive image for our customers worldwide.

Mission, vision & values


Connect people and brands through impactful events that communicate in clear, exciting and friendly ways.


Set the worldwide standard in the audiovisual event industry with strategic goals and a clear purpose.

  • Transparency: In our events and communications, keeping up a culture of trust and honesty with customers and employees.
  • Commitment to quality: We offer high-quality audiovisual services and excellence in everything we do.
  • Flexibility: we adapt to customers’ needs to offer tailor-made solutions in every project.
  • Innovation: we are passionate about AV technology, innovation and we constantly seek to improve and grow.
  • Customer satisfaction: we make an effort to always overcome expectations.
  • Corporate social responsibility: we work to be socially responsible and sustainable.

Our commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility includes efforts to mitigate our environmental footprint, promote diversity, inclusion and contribute to the development of the community in the event industry.

Safety: Our Top Priority

Safety at events is our prime directive, and we constantly improve our measures to guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

Commitment to society

We think we should play a role in making the world we live in a better place, and in the support of those who need it most.

International calling

Our international calling enables us to offer our exceptional audiovisual production services anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re planning an event in Paris, Dubai or Marrakesh, we’re ready to provide you with the same quality and AV technology that we offer locally.

Our global presence guarantees that your international event will be a success without borders. Put your trust in us to take your vision anywhere you want.

Do you know the "Novelty Style"?


Innovation and excellence in production: The Novelty Spain trademark

We create extraordinary events because of the people behind our productions.

Our reputation and success are defined by the way we work. A sense of consistency, listening, passion, planning to detail pervades as we carry out clean and thoroughness, which is reflected in every detail, from the commitment to exceeding expectations to the delicate care with which we look after our audiovisual equipment and the event space.

Some even call it “Novelty Style” and we’d like to believe that it’s one of the main reasons why some of the world’s leading companies choose to work with us. And we’re sure that, if you still haven’t experienced it, you’ll like it too.