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Video Equipment Rental for Events

Image. Emotion. Impact.

Infinite Visual Power: Discover our video equipment

Imagine an event in which visual content becomes an actual experience. With our video equipment, it’s possible.

We have everything from laser projectors that highlight every detail with brightness to LED Screens that dazzle with amazing colours, including monitoring b that guarantees efficient management of the signals, or 4K/8K multiscreen presentation systems, which create perfect animation from different sources of content.

We combine these video equipment components to bring out your ideas and vision and create true visual histories.

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Video equipment rental for events

LED Screens

Bringing your content to life

Our LED Screens project images and videos with unsurpassed intensity and clarity. From subtle details to moments of major impact, every pixel comes alive with astonishing realism, changing the way your audience perceives and connects with your message.

Their flexibility gives you the power to create one-of-a-kind configurations and synchronize content in real time to completely transform the dynamics of your event.

From curved screens that envelop the audience to modular configurations that adapt to any space.

Video projectors

Amazing Projections for your images to come alive

Our video projectors offer exceptional image quality, reproducing vibrant colours with incredible clarity.

From multimedia presentations and content to immersive scenography, every projection creates a new dimension to your message and connects with your audience in a new way.

We also have video projectors with ultra short-throw lenses to project large-size images in small spaces.

Video Monitoring Equipment

Creative Freedom in your Presentations

Our video monitoring equipment gives you the freedom to personalize your presentations, create fluid transitions and add visual effects in addition to adjusting the content in real time to generate the impact you’re seeking at all times.

When you use our video monitoring systems, you’ll be able to manage multiple video sources simultaneously and efficiently synchronize them.

You’ll have full control over the projected content, ensuring precise, synchronized reproduction.

Switchers and 4K/8K Multiscreen Video Presentation Systems

Direct your AV technical production

Switchers and 4K/8K multiscreen video presentation systems enable you to switch between different sources of video, such as live camera feeds, pre-recorded presentations or external signals.

They are perfect for combining contents in real time and adding an interactive touch to the experience.

With smooth transitions and mixes, they are key to keeping the audience engaged and driving the visual message, elevating technical AV production to the level of perfectly-synchronized art.

Signal distribution

High quality, low latency

Our signal distribution systems ensure the integrity and quality of audio and video, without any perceivable delay.

We have video matrices, signal converters and signal extenders IP distribution systems and a premium option for high-quality signal distribution over long distances with minimal latency: Fibre optics.

The system you choose will always depend on the specific needs of your event and quality required to offer your audience an extraordinary experience .

Video accessories

Accessories for the perfect visual presentation

In addition to our main components of video equipment, we offer a wide range of video accessories designed to improve your visual experience.

From stands and structures that optimize space to accessories that help perfect your presentation.

Top Video Equipment

  • Proyector de 10K Ultima tecnología de fuente de luz láser

    Panasonic PT-RZ970

    10K projector. Latest laser light source technology.
  • Proyector de 21K laser 3-chips DLPTM láser, compacto y ligero

    Panasonic PT-RZ21K

    21K laser 3-chips DLPTM laser projector, compact and lightweight
  • Proyector PT-RQ35K

    Proyector PT-RQ35K

  • Proyector láser EB-PU2216B

    Proyector láser EB-PU2216B

  • Ultra Short-throw Lens for Epson Pro Series Projectors

    Proyector ELPLX02S

    Ultra Short-throw Lens for Epson Pro Series Projectors
  • Christie Boxer 4K30

    Christie Boxer 4K30

    30K projector. 4K quality.
  • Procesador de vídeo 24 In – 16 out 4k

    Christie Spyder X80

    24 In-16 out 4K video processor
  •  Servidor multimedia Intuitiva y versátil

    PI module

    Multimedia server. Intuitive and versatile.
  • Aquilon RS1

    Aquilon RS1

    Analog Way
  • Aquilon RS4

    Aquilon RS4

    Analog Way
  • Zenith 200

    Zenith 200

    Analog Way
  • Extensor fibra óptica Extensor de larga distancia a 4K

    HDMI20-OPTC-TX/RX220-Pro Lightware

    Fibre optic extender. Long distance extender at 4K.
  • Atomos Shogun Inferno

    4K recording at 60p and HD at 240p. Ideal as a high quality recorder.
  • Atomos Shogun 7

    HDR monitor, recorder and switcher.

    Corner module 2.6mm pitch. Corner up to 90o.
  • LED


  • Pantalla LED, 2.6mm pitch Personalizable con curva y esquina


    LED display, 2.6mm pitch Customisable with curve and corner.
  • Cabinet T-Rent 2.6 Lite

  • Cabinet T-Rent 3.9 Out

  • 2.5mm Pitch (1944 x 576 x 35mm)

    Led Totem

    2.5mm Pitch (1944 x 576 x 35mm)
  • LED column

    with corners
  • AK-UC3000GJ/AK-UC3000GSJ


    Broadcast Kit Panasonic
  • Blackmagic URSA

    Broadcast Kit Panasonic
  • ATEM Constellation 8K

    ATEM Constellation 8K

    Blackmagic Design
  • Panasonic PTZ

    Remote camera.
  • Cámara remota Mejor premio de TVTechnology Awards

    Panasonic PTZ AW-UE150

    Remote camera. TV Technology Awards best prize.

Internationally-renowned Video Brands

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  • Novelty Tecnología Audivisual | Marcas destacadas

    Av Matrix
    Digital Forecast
    Kramer Electronics
    Pelco Clovis
    Video Devices

    Do you know the "Novelty Style"?


    Innovation and excellence in production: The Novelty Spain trademark

    We create extraordinary events because of the people behind our productions.

    Our reputation and success are defined by the way we work. A sense of consistency, listening, passion, planning to detail pervades as we carry out clean and thoroughness, which is reflected in every detail, from the commitment to exceeding expectations to the delicate care with which we look after our audiovisual equipment and the event space.

    Some even call it “Novelty Style” and we’d like to believe that it’s one of the main reasons why some of the world’s leading companies choose to work with us. And we’re sure that, if you still haven’t experienced it, you’ll like it too.

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