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Graphic production and audiovisual content
for events

Connect with your audience, drive your message home with impact

Transform your events with audiovisual content. The AV touch you need for success!

From astonishing presentations to interactive graphics, the audiovisual graphic content has the power to generate feelings that remain engraved in attendees’ memories.

It will be present throughout your event to boost the brand identity and tell your story.

Our creative studio is manned by experts in the production of audiovisual content that breaks through the limits of language to make significant impact.

A journey amidst images, event graphics and animation

Boost your message with impactful graphic content

In technical audiovisual event production, graphic content is a powerful ally to get your message across in a visually attractive way.

By using promotional videos, graphic resources, animation and surprising visual effects, we simplify complex concepts, grab your audience’s attention right away and generate a lasting imprint.

Your brand, your style with personalized AV content for events

Producción gráfica y creación de contenido audiovisual | Novelty Spain

Boost your brand and the reach of your event

Personalized graphic and AV content for events strengthens the brand identity of your event.

With logos, visual designs and consistent graphic elements, we create a unique aesthetic that highlights your company’s personality or event theme, which leads to greater recognition and visual cohesion.

Adapt your event graphic content to different formats and platforms, from projections on giant screens to live broadcasts over social media.

Graphic audiovisual content adjusts to different distribution channels, reaching a broader, more diverse public.

Graphic content that connects and stays with attendees

Create an interactive experience that brings your event to life

Get your audience involved! Generate more participation and engagement with interactive graphic audiovisual content.

Through visual games, interactive surveys or touch screens, you will facilitate interaction among attendees and create a participative, dynamic atmosphere. Wake your audience up!

Do you know the "Novelty Style"?


Innovation and excellence in production: The Novelty Spain trademark

We create extraordinary events because of the people behind our productions.

Our reputation and success are defined by the way we work. A sense of consistency, listening, passion, planning to detail pervades as we carry out clean and thoroughness, which is reflected in every detail, from the commitment to exceeding expectations to the delicate care with which we look after our audiovisual equipment and the event space.

Some even call it “Novelty Style” and we’d like to believe that it’s one of the main reasons why some of the world’s leading companies choose to work with us. And we’re sure that, if you still haven’t experienced it, you’ll like it too.

Unique audiovisual experiences
for unforgettable events

Ready to talk to our team of experts
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