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Broadcast services and live streaming
for events

Connect with your audience, drive your message home with impact

Broadcast systems and live streaming for events to connect with and impact your audience

Make the most of the broadcast camera systems and the interactivity of live streaming to reach a global audience and enjoy the flexibility of viewing your event, in real time or on-demand, making an impact with high-quality content.

Work by the broadcast standard to guarantee high quality audiovisual production, exceptional image and sound, and round it out with live streaming for events to incorporate interactivity, live chats and participation tools that enrich the experience.

Connect with your audience, getting your message across with impact and overcoming the barriers of geography and time.

High-definition 4K broadcast cameras for recording and broadcasting events

Streaming y broadcast | Novelty Spain

High-quality video for editing and event recording services, using the latest AV components

If you want to disseminate and immortalize the excellence of your event with premium-quality recording, our high-definition cameras provide an exceptional visual experience.

These cameras not only ensure first-rate video capture, they also provide ideal content for editing, post-production and content warehousing. Relive the highlights of your event with unparalleled quality, as often as you like!

Live Streaming: events just one click away

Streaming y broadcast | Novelty Spain

Attract global audiences and expand your limits

With live streaming for events, broadcast your event in real time to anyone with an Internet connection. This empowers you to deliver your event to international audiences and expand your message with no limits.

Create a sense of community and participation by using a web environment or streaming platforms to interact with your audience in real time, in addition to offering the possibility to see your event on their favourite device.

Your event will transcend its duration, enabling your audience to enjoy the content live, or access the recordings later on.

Unleash the astonishing power of Broadcast

Impeccable quality that will redefine your events

Broadcast gives you unmatched quality of dissemination, and a first-rate visual and sound experience, thanks to professional broadcast cameras, surround-sound and our long track record in technical AV production.

You can also take advantage of a broadcast chain, a broadcast system designed for large venues where spectator views may be limited. This guarantees that all of your attendees will enjoy every detail of your event.

Immersive experience with virtual and augmented reality

Plunge into the excitement of these innovative technologies at your event

Discover a revolutionary level of immersion and participation through augmented reality and VR live streaming and broadcasting of your events.

Surround your audience with an all-enveloping world, interacting with digital elements and personalizing your experience.

The combination of augmented reality and VR live streaming in the broadcast of events redefines the way in which your attendees live out the event and enjoy their experience.

Do you know the "Novelty Style"?


Innovation and excellence in production: The Novelty Spain trademark

We create extraordinary events because of the people behind our productions.

Our reputation and success are defined by the way we work. A sense of consistency, listening, passion, planning to detail pervades as we carry out clean and thoroughness, which is reflected in every detail, from the commitment to exceeding expectations to the delicate care with which we look after our audiovisual equipment and the event space.

Some even call it “Novelty Style” and we’d like to believe that it’s one of the main reasons why some of the world’s leading companies choose to work with us. And we’re sure that, if you still haven’t experienced it, you’ll like it too.

Unique audiovisual experiences
for unforgettable events

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